Sunday, August 12, 2012

The SPOT Connect

It is no secret that I love gadgets, but I especially love gadgets that crossover into our outdoor hobbies. When we are out camping and rockhounding we frequently find ourselves without cell reception. While we aren't really the kind of people that need to be connected so bad we can't stand to be off grid, we would like to be able to reach the outside world in case of emergency. For that kind of peace of mind, the SPOT Connect seems to be a pretty good deal. SPOT Connect does have limited functionality compared to full-on cell service, letting you update Facebook and Twitter, sending short email messages, text messaging, and emergency services. What it lacks in phone like features, it makes up for in coverage, connecting virtually anywhere via satellite. This, for us at least, is perfect for our needs. Every minute can count in an emergency situation and the ability to send GPS coordinates to the emergency services should help speed things up. Check it out

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